Astercc and Viking cruises have a successful cooperate in Call center customization options

By November 3, 2017Latest News

November 1, 2017, the global river giant Viking cruise ship in Loushanguan Road, the naked heart of the Chinese office celebrations officially opened. The Viking cruise ship’s personalized office building is intended to expand the Chinese market. At the same time, the personalized office needs reasonable management to realize, which is inseparable from the excellent enterprise management system. With its perfect management system and unique customization, astercc has the honor to be the first choice of the service management system of Viking cruises.

Since the establishment of Salesforce in 1999,  the global for 15 m companies are using salesforce powerful features to share customer information, Astercc has been systematically optimized several times,so that you can seamlessly dock with the salesforce system inside the Viking ship and make it easier and faster to use.

What’s more , which about Viking cruise ship choose ASTERCC another important reason is ASTERCC can afford Tailor-made agency function for him.

The astercc aims to achieve more transparent and convenient management of the agency according to customers’ requirements, and in the original basic call system specifically for its customized agency details and agency group detail function, which Can check the work situation of the agency in half an hour.

The seating group customization include about Inbound call,2s Abandon rate amount, the work of agency, Average waiting time, Average Talk Time, Abandon Rate, and the response rate of response in 20s. In addition to the above functions, the seating record is more specific to the accurate calculation of utilization. The calculation excludes loginlong, the busy lunch time, the busy time of the meeting and the length of the training. Productivity, loginlong, average ringing time, the average response speed, the length of the call, the length of the post, the average call processing time, and so on, which can make the management of the seat is more simplified and efficient.the rate of the service of the agent is improved greatly, so that the service management is maintained and the benefit of the enterprise is maximized.

ASTERCC the cooperation with the Viking cruise ship, not only the strong combination for the Viking cruise ship to bring a smooth development, but also for its high-speed development of the Chinese market to provide a more intimate service guarantee.