asterCC call center system released 2.6-rc2

By September 13, 2017Latest News

It’s been a while since last version 2.6-rc1, in this new version, we added few new features and fixed bugs we found

new features

  • new parameter ivrinputcode in astercc.conf, when it has a value, system only save correct input code(transferred) in CDR.
  • first call date in campaign module
  • agent blind transfer API
  • SMTP server support tls
  • auto fill mac into device in auto provisioning
  • address book for yealink auto provisioning
  • add agent rank report
  • add Baidu TTS support
  • use *65 to check out device agent
  • add IVR to update agent password after agent log in on phone
  • support astercc-chrome-plugin
  • add DID prio for queue
  • export callerId and DID when export work order
  • use redis to cache mysql table schema
  • auto popup work order in customer service module
  • work order could read data from customer in customer service module
  • auto exit ACW after submit option in customer service module
  • close tab after submit option in customer service module
  • new option in campaign module to prompt agent to save call result
  • allow creator or agent group admin to check work order

bug fix

  • customer status and agent was removed when import duplicated customer
  • when reset agent was checked, duplicated customer was reset
  • if username is Chinese and longer than 6 bits, agent window couldn’t be open in agent group page
  • import was slow due to a inefficient sql
  • if agent transfer a call, he could not transfer another call unless the previous call hangup
  • agent got an undefined work order notify
  • agent got no notify when work order was assign to agent group and agent
  • when assign customer in campaign, it didn’t should up customer if only team was chosen
  • import script only checked if phone1 was duplicated
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