AsterCC and Shen Zhen Huo Li Tian Hui Technology Co., Ltd. for the of mobile business applications to expand customer service call center to establish cooperation

By March 3, 2017Latest News


As a leading mobile commerce application developer, Shen Zhen Huo Li Tian Hui Technology Co., Ltd. to more than 50 million business travelers to provide one-stop travel search and services, won the majority of business users favorite. As the product is in urgent need of build of customer service center function, Shen Zhen Huo Li Tian Hui Technology Co., Ltd. 2016 at the end of active contact and start cooperation with Sonicwell.


To provide users with fast consulting business is the purpose of the construction of the call center, its business distribution to Shenzhen, Wuhan and Beijing, the scope of application covers flight steward, high-speed rail housekeeper, fast hotel housekeeper. As a business application to provide business consulting business expansion, asterCC system on the customer service center efficient management and office has important significance, the formation of customer service center for customers to use mobile commerce applications to facilitate the same time, greatly promoted the service industry information And profitability.

As one of the most influential mobile Internet company in China, Shen Zhen Huo Li Tian Hui is committed to product design and service of mobile phone software development, business services, mobile community, LBS, mobile e-commerce field, deep plowing 10 years of Internet and mobile communication Server-side carrier-class product development, as a professional mobile application development and operations, Shen Zhen Huo Li Tian Hui of the Department of Science and Technology Co., Ltd. technical team and asterCC contact test system, call center based on asterCC system based on the basic call customer service function. Configuring the Active / Standby asterCC server improves the high availability of the system’s operating environment. Seat use asterCC comes with the CRM system, call configuration full recording function, work order module function to improve the efficiency of the internal work exchange agent. A work order is used for incoming customer service to create a business request submitted by a customer or an internal employee. A work order is like a tracker, can be very clear to track, deal with and archive internal and external issues of business requests. With standardized management, a clear service support process, cross-agent, cross-agent group collaboration to enhance the quality of customer support services to customers, the efficiency of the office, and then enhance the professional image of the enterprise. Report statistics and IVR agent scoring system with the use of help agents quickly grasp the seat of the working state. The schedule reminder helps the agent to build an orderly and efficient work environment. The ease of use of the system allows the administrator to manage the user management and business management directly to the subordinate business team, the liberation of manpower to make the administrator can focus more on the system maintenance and improve work efficiency.


Since the establishment of a cooperative relationship and put into use, asterCC call system performance has won the management and service personnel affirmed. The operations team has cooperated with asterCC technical staff on the system-specific customization function, so that the statistical report function is fully qualified for a variety of consulting business needs, through the joint efforts of both sides to establish a long-term stable cooperative relations.