AsterCC and the Pang Da Qi Mao Group Co., Ltd. cooperation build the 4S shop cloud call center system in china

By February 27, 2017Latest News


Customer advice, complaints, inbound are one of the important businesses that many companies after sales. Pang Da Qi Mao Group Co., Ltd is a company like this in china. And the domestic leading converged communications products and program providers Sonicwell cooperation, based on the cloud platform set up 4S shop cloud call center system, support the 4S shop customer advice complaints and call investigation call business system.


Customer consultation complaints and outreach Research are important business components of the Pang Da Qi Mao Group Co., Ltd. Customers in the purchase of automotive products at the same time, often need better after sales service. With the rapid development of communication technology, telephone consultation has become an important carrier to strengthen communication with customers. Proper and efficient communication with customers to accept customers ‘opinions on products and services is a key to win customers’ high satisfaction and profitability. The AsterCC call center system make complex consulting and statistical business has become simple, simple telephone consulting business has become more abundant, for customers to buy products and after sales service to provide a convenient.

“Efficient: here refers to every people at work, to do every job to the best, to make high efficiency, high income. “This corporate culture for the Pang Da Qi Mao Group Co., Ltd. won a large number of customers, by seeking cooperation with asterCC through long practice, call center system This idea.

Based on the concept of high efficiency, the Pang Da Qi Mao Group Co., Ltd. made the following requirements: Based on the China Xiang Yun cloud platform equipped with asterCC system set up a cloud call center, customer service using Yealink SIP phone, to achieve 24 hours a day to provide a perfect platform for customer service , Call customer service function and questionnaire function. Simple interface easy to operate, to provide simple and convenient of statistical features. So this system is able to make customer service staff clear tasks, easy to use, improve efficiency.


Long term cooperation and use, making a Pang Da Qi Mao Group Co., Ltd. asterCC call center products to win trust, but also based on the latter in the industry has made achievements and influence, Making asterCC call center solution a wider range of applications. AsterCC call center can‘t be limited by geographical and business development, Pang Da Qi Mao Group Co., Ltd. is attracted by asterCC CRM, the agent mode work page with the questionnaire is simple and efficient. At the same time asterCC call center products powerful report statistical function is to win the praise, to facilitate business management to keep abreast of customer service conditions, and for the strategic planning of enterprises play a necessary support.