asterCC multi-tenant call center system released 2.4-rc2

By March 2, 2016Latest News

====== New Features ======
==== Advanced ====

* The QC Rate is not limited from 1 to 5 any more.
==== Statistics ====

* Add the “Yesterday” quick button on the Agent Details page.

* Add the function which shell exporting for IVR Details.

* Add the Regional Report page under statistics modules.
==== Campaign ====

* To avoid misunderstanding,the “OK” button changes to “Save Auto Assign Plan” button on the assigning page under Campaigns module.

* The default distribution style of customers assgining is “by all noassign”.
==== Message ====

* The SMS server can be set up by Team.
==== Dialer ====

* Add function which hugup the ringing agents when there’s no idle agent in queue.There is the function switch under [Campaign]->[Campaign Management]->[Predictive Dialer]->[Hangup Ring When No Idle].
==== System ====

* Under the device model,the retrieval time of call-parking modified from 12 seconds to 300 seconds.
==== Customer Service ====

* Add the Agent Group field on [Customer Service]->[Missed Calls] page.
==== Agent Interface ====

* The system will stop the manually dialing if there are erroneous dialing. Add a Continue Dialing button when submit duplicate applications for dial-out.It could remove the data has been dialed before,and insert a new dialing request.

* Add the Select All checkbox function,under [Message]->[Notices]->[Add] directory,you can select all recipients.

* The format of Contact’s Hiding. Now it will be hidden 5th-8th digits from right, if it less than 5, hide all the numbers.

====== Bug Fix ======
==== User ====

* Repaired the bug which failure of recording generation when the Rec Condition is “All” and use the device model.
* Repaired the bug that can’t saved the Role twice after you don’t select the required content first on [User]->[Roles]->[Add] page.
==== PBX ====

* Repaired the limit of Device Detail length on [PBX]->[Devices] page.
* Repaired the bug that can’t edit again after saved when CIDNum has several NULL on [PBX]->[Trunks] page.
* Repaired the fields are vary with export format(.csv or .xls) on the [CDRs] page.
==== Advanced ====

* Repaired the bug that “End” can’t be modified when we add the WorkTime on [Advanced]->[Worktimes] page

==== Statistics ====

* Repaired the bug if you download the image or PDF, it will popup “select agent group” although you have selected the agents and “All Group Accumulation” on the [Agent Graph] page.
==== Campaign ====

* Repaired the bug that will delete other all datas of campaign used Main table, when you delete the datas after searching by “Updated” field on [Campaign]->[Customers] page.
==== Call Center ====

* Repaired the exporting bug that it can’t download the file when there are several blanks in exporting file name.
==== Log ====

* Repaired the fields lack in export file on [Call Events].
==== Dialer ====

* Repaired the default privilige bug of Role type is “Account”, the dialer’s page selected default, it should be controled by Roles.
* Repaired the bug that it can’t recycle the data immediately via setting “Schedule” time to 0000-00-00 00:00 on [Dialer]->[Dialer]->[Recycle] page.
==== Customer Service ====

* Repaired the bug when you export the datas by .csv format on [Customer Service]->[CDR].

==== E-Commerce ====

* Repaired the bug that the Storage Management module can’t be deleted along with uninstallation of E-Commerce module.

==== Agent Interface ====

* If the Name of customer contact information is NULL. The label name will quote the first field in [Campaign]->[Campaigns]->[Basic]->[Agent Fields]. Repaired the bug that not hide the phone number although set the “Hiding contact info.” to “Yes” when set phone1 to the first field in [Agent Fields].
* Repaired the bug that accounts can’t be listed after selected account group by administrator on [Message]->[Notices]->[Add] page of agent work interface.
* On [Dialer]->[Dialer Noanswer Cause] page,repaired the bug that can’t find the campaigns under current team when “Purview” is “Team” on [User]->[Roles]->[Privileges Setting]->[Dialer]->[Dialer Noanswer Cause].

* Repaired the display bug that when using the IE(version 8 9 10) browser,it always displayed “NAN” on status label.
* Modify the automatic dialing countdown always start from 60 seconds after every pause.
==== Background Program ====

* Repaired the memory overflow problem of http push module.
* Fixed the bug that timing file task can’t be synthesised in time.
* Repaired the bug that missing of Customer Service when we initial the demo of asterCC system.