asterCC call center 2.3-rc2 released

New features:

  • Add “Auto Stop ACW(s)” function.
  • Change the fixed size of selection area.
  • Add the function of deleting the past CDR by the script.
  • On the page of [Statistics]→[Agent Details],add columns(workmode_dialin,workmode_dialout,workmode_all) to display and export.
  • On the page of [System]→[Recording Plans],Whether delete the source file of recording when we delete the Recording Plans.
  • On agent desk page,add a radio button that control all status in different agent groups.
  • On the agent desk,we add “current status and duration” under the “Status” button.
  • On the agent desk,when you click the “Obtain Customer” button,the first date of customer will appearing

To download, please go to

One Comment

  • Quoc Toan says:

    i want to use aster cc on my website (php,centos), how to install this? You can help me?