asterCC released 2.2-rc4

By November 17, 2014Latest News

We fixed some bug in this version

New Features

  • New API to call two numbers which are not system device


  • Updated dahdi drive
  • Fixed the bug that agent ring timeout is alway 15 seconds
  • Fixed the bug that call get hangup if agent press # during the call
  • Fixed the bug that MOH in ringgroup is not changeable
  • Fixed the bug that predictive dialer is not respect the redial option
  • Fixed the bug that it didn’t create related table when create a main table campaign
  • Fixed the bug that it didn’t respect user scope in CDR page
  • Fixed the bug that it didn’t respect the device option in IVR
  • Fixed the bug showed all conferences of all teams in conference page
  • Hide password in SMS config page


  • Tony says:

    Tried install on centos 6.5 with install script and keeps looping please reboot your server and run this script again.
    Any idea how to resolve this?

    • admin says:


      This is because dahdi requires linux kernel for compiling, please make sure you have kernel source files installed and it matches with your current kernel.