asterCC passed a 60 hours inbound queue testing with 60 online agents

By January 28, 2013Latest News

As customer requires, we did a inbound testing with asterCC call center, the environment is agent: PC + softphone (63 online agents max.) server: Dell PowerEdge 2950 ( E5405 x 1, 4G ) PBX + CTI + Recording Dell PowerEdge R710 ( E5405 x 1, 4G ) PHP + MySql testing start: 4pm, 25th,Jan,2013 testing end: 9am,28th,Jan,2013 Metho: create 100 agents and set them in one queue, use DID inbound route to make the calls go to the queue, and keep the simultaneous call numbers to be 100. test result: 63 agents at the beginning, when it’s done, 58 agents online,5 agents quit due to system halted at PC, another 3 agents has softphone issue test conclusion: asterCC call center passed the test, for agents, customer could consider use IP Phone or gateway to instead of softphone.