New features in asterCC Call Center 1.1-beta2

AsterCC 1.1-beta2 is an upgrade based on the asterCC 1.1-beta1 release, This new release fixed many bugs found in beta2 and also provides some new features. We will introduce some new features in this post so users can get more benefit from this product .

      • Core Module
        • Agent now have three work mode:  inbound only, outbound only, both

When agents work mode is set to outbound only an agent would not receive calls from the agent group(queue). When it’s set to inbound only an agent can’t make calls, when it’s set to both an agent could either receive calls when he’s available or make calls if required.

        • ACW(After Call Work) and Pause
In asterCC an agent will go to ACW status in the following condition. Option 1, ringing, say agent gets a call, it only rings but then hangsup before being answered – if an agent selects this option, they will go ACW. Option 2: agents go to ACW when call is hangup after it is answered.  Option 3, agents could select if they need go to ACW during the call. We also provides a “Pause” for agents, when agent needs to pause, they could click pause, select a reason and then leave. ACW and Pause could help us to analyze agent behavior during the work.
        • default application and call pop-up
By setting a default application, when an agent get usual calls (DID, ring group …), they can also get a popup message, no need check-in to a queue.
        • agent portal changes
besides setting ACW and Pause, the agents portal also provides one-click-check-in and one-click-check-out icon. In message panel, it provides SMS, Email and FAX.
        • More data for reporting
asterCC daemons provides more data for getting more complicated reporting, in fact, we are going to release a Advanced Report module soon.
        • Flexible agent and phone

When an agent logsin to the system would detect the soft phone automatically, so the agent could work in any position in the call center, when they are using a IP Phone, system also provides the options for them to select. With this feature, agents don’t need work in fixed seat in a call center.

      • Campaign:
        • Duplicated Date Checs Tools

Using this tool, we could avoid to have duplicated data(numbers) in a campaign.

        • Blacklist

the blacklist could have millions of numbers, we add a blacklist scheduler, so it could check blacklist from a campaign customer package.

    • predictive dialer

Now dialer supports dial to IVR, and it provides 20 concurrent calls license by default, in such case, user could build a free broadcasting system without purchasing any license.

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