asterCC released commercial version 1.1-beta1

By April 20, 2012Latest News

asterCC commercial is a contact center system, and also provides powerful customer relationship management (CRM) functions, including features that we often use— like inbound / outbound missile screen, call recording, interactive voice menu (IVR), and call queues. Basically, with astercc, you can record every customer call. When calls come in, the customer contact information and historical contact records would be appearing on the screen. Also, the design of an interactive voice menu (IVR) can provide you with self-service inquiries. In addition, with the use of reporting tools, you can quickly extract key information from thousands of calls. Finally, astercc also offers a variety of practical tools, such as the setting and reminder of tasks, enterprise publicity through phone calls, SMS and email, and map or paths check through online map.

If you already have your own operation system, we can also integrate our system into yours. For example, if you want the customer information to be shown through your system, by using the secondary development interface of astercc, you can easily achieve that.

For Internet Service Provider (ISP), astercc is the best choice to for you to carry out new businesses. Astercc supports SAAS mode whether functioning as a call center or a private branch exchange (PBX). One system is able to serve multiple customers.

asterCC Commercial consists of the following parts:

  • Account and Permission System (FREE)
  • Office applications (FREE)
  • Contact center (FREE for 5 agents)
  • Business applications
  • Call application