asterCC released version 0.21

By February 15, 2012Latest News

asterCC and asterCC-BOX released version 0.21 asterCC BOX:

  • upgrade freepbx to 2.9.0
  • upgrade asterCC to 0.21
  • released 64 bit ISO

asterCRM 0.076 in asterCC 0.21:

    • added check csv file if the utf-8 code when import
    • added billing for campaign
  • added auto popup the latest and top priority notes
  • improved open_new_window to internal,external and both in astercrm.conf.php
  • added require_reason_when_pause (yes|no) in astercrm.conf.php

    • added agent_queue_log to record agent pause and continue logs
    • added a socket method to send calling info (added enable_socket,fix_port and socket_url in astercrm.conf.php)
  • added first_name and last_name in customer table
  • improved include customer info when export dialedlist (added export_customer_fields_in_dialedlist in astercrm.conf.php for assign exported fields)
  • added create_ticket in astercrm.conf.php to control the privileges when create ticket
  • added popup ticket notice in portal page

asterBilling 0.16in asterCC 0.21 :

  • added the options display ‘all’ or ‘answered’ in cdr page
  • added booth_cdr_order in asterbilling.conf.php to determine order of showing cdr in booth
  • improved both hangup channels of caller and callee when click to hanguup in portal page
  • improved recharge by paypal, remove process balance in pdt method, just in ipn method
  • added the for asteriblling synchronization solution