The successful application about asterCC in questionnaire system of call center

Our advantages:

◆ whole course recording

astercc make all of calls for whole course recording, for providing the basis anbout business analyse,learning, training and supervision, also avoid some legal disputes

◆ Conference Call

astercc support more than three sides calls function, compare with the traditional call center system, we have the unique system, more flexibility, can facilitate the implementation of conference call and never need the expensive conference system,conference call also provide the whole course recording,easy to check later.

◆ “Voice-equipped” the customer relationship management system ( CRM )

astercc out of the traditional management systems, change the original system a single text, data, file storage function, implant in new technology to provide IVR Service to customer,retrieve the customer information and acquire the call records with recording at the same time, bring about your paperless work.

◆ Have the flexibility of the Private Branch Exchange (PBX) function

astercc provide voice mail,intelligent routing, call ringing group and some advanced functions,there is no need to purchase expensive private branch exchange and can be installed mobile phone at the far end, people not in the office can also receive the same office telephone, and also be recording. astercc achieve seamless links, support IP telephone and NGN network. system investment are one step enough.

◆ Convenient to use, easy to manage, no need professional knowledge

after astercc interface login successfully, the system management interfaces will be clear at a glance, you can choose the management platform that the business needed,convenient to manage, process clear and understandable, easy to carry out a day’s work. no need understanding the professional knowledge also be able to use in flexibly, as well it also can reduce maintenance costs.

astercc advantages far more than these, in addition it also has a wealth of reports for your data analysis and forecasting, multilingual support, and broadcast rules are consistent with your preferred language mode, pure BS structure,a a variety of extension and trunk support for a series of the technology to provide you with the technical feast,you will feel the call center with the true value. the most important thing is that we only need one system that can provide you full service.while generally to say it is beneficial.


what kind of benefit can be brought to the company by applying asterCC?

◆ establish a good corporate image, improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Radically improve customer service, modern information technology to allow customers to experience a new service concept. Fast, convenient, so that to combine communication and computer technology perfectly

◆ effective at using information resources, reduce service costs.

Call center technology, integrated computer network, multimedia communication technology, computer telephony integration (CTI) technology, make the traditional phone, IP phone, fax, WEB and e-mail and other channels of information together, as long as there is a network area can be added to the call center which provides online services at any time. Improving employee productivity while building good customer relations, reducing the cost of regular phone costs.

◆ to maintain regular customer, and develop new market.

For the modern market, the key point to get the customers’ approved is that enterprises should build and maintain a good communication which can occupy the markrt. call center is a bridge to connect enterprises and customers. Regular telephone interviews can keep abreast of customer service satisfaction, a 24-hour national hotline for customers to enjoy the weather, regional, diverse, fast-style service to bring customers warmth.Complete customer data management, allows you to easily grasp the client’s needs.

◆ improve work efficiency.

With the continuous development of the society, all the goods with a price tag include labour are rising in price,. our system use a cheap computer to help expensive labour to improve production efficiency, less investment and quick effect, the daily work of staff can directly reporting, individual performance is clear and avoid low efficiency employees. High-tech can give the staff a fair and equal competition platform, increase personal productivity so as to drive operational efficiency of enterprises.

◆ easy management, providing a favorable market analysis data.

Call center system and business systems to be integrated, the case about sales results and customer service quality will be clear. according to the various data reports can give decision-makers to make a strategic market positioning provide strong the conduct of business also played in facilitate employee performance appraisal at the same time. call center will integrate advanced CRM, to make Customer Service Center to become a real internal and external value chains, and this is why the call center operation will continue to rise in one of the reasons.

With astercc, call center becomes extremely simple to operate,it is the best choice for enterprise to develop business and open new markets.

Note: the content is for asterCC commercial

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