asterCC and asterCC-BOX released version 0.2

By November 30, 2010Latest News

asterCC and asterCC-box relaased version 0.2 final asterCC-BOX

  • fixed bug of default moh disabled cause for cannot use attend transfer

asterCRM 0.072 in asterCC 0.2:

  • fixed a bug of predictive dialer when dial a ivalid number with dahdi
  • fixed a popup bug when dialed number similar on agent number
  • added parameter convert_mp3 in astercc.conf to control processmonitors if converts records to mp3
  • fixed sql error when link without queue in astercc daemon
  • added export customer data in note page
  • fixed bugs of Campaign Report
  • fixed a bug of doesnt display trunk info in portal page
  • added parameter auto_note_popup in astercrm.conf.php for if auto popup note info
  • added parameter default_share_note in astercrm.conf.php for if share note default
  • added customertitle(Mr,Miss,Ms,Mrs,other) in customer table

  • fixed note to blank when confirm or cannel a customer
  • added auto pause on queue pannel of agent portal page

  • added parameter singleOutboundTrunk in astercc.conf

asterBilling 0.14in asterCC 0.2:

  • fixed bug of epayment with callshop_pay_fee setting
  • no longer support callback function(could use callback in version 0.12(asterCC 0.14))
  • fixed issue of astercclock cause for high CPU usage

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