astercc 0.2 beta released

By September 24, 2010Latest News

astercc 0.2 has great improvement than astercc 0.1x, the new features are

  • compatible with asterisk 1.6 and 1.4
    • we have done a lot of testing for both asterisk 1.6 and 1.4, and 0.2 will work for both version, in fact in this new version, we suggest customer use asterisk 1.6
  • more powerful queue realtime function

  • blind transfer attend transfer and get call back
    • when agent talk with customer, they can consult a 3rd-party and choose transfer the call or restore the original conversation
    • only asterisk 1.6 support this feature

  • same calls, less channels
    • astercc 0.X user may know that when you use click 2 dial or predictive dialer or queue, it may have more than 1 channel each call, sometime one call even take 3 channels, in astercc 0.2 we improved this, so usually one call only have one channel, this means you get more simultaneous calls for same license.
  • improvement of CDR and recording
    • now one conversation will have a main CDR and sub CDR(if it has attend transfer ), you can choose the listen the full recording or just listen part of it.
  • campaign dialedlist statistic

  • queue panel
    • agent can check in/check out/pause the queue, and when calls come from a queue, it will also give hint in queue panel

  • user ticket
  • scheduler call for agent
    • agent can make sheduler calls, when it’s the time, it will ring agent first, if agent answer, it will call the customer.
  • easy for customer development
    • in astercc 0.2, the CDR is more clear than 0.1X, it has no local channels so you can easily do customer developent or develop your GUI based astercc daemons

please notice that if you are using 0.1X now and want to upgrade to 0.2, your data would not lose but you may miss some data from web GUI, coz in 0.2 the CDR table changed.

asterCRM 0.07:

  • improved error debug with executed sql
  • added auto clear popup after call hangup
  • could add the number to dnc list in agent portal page
  • could set if add ‘/n’ when dial in campaign page
  • added disabed dial button when agent in call
  • added attend tranfer(with asterisk 1.6.x) in portal page
  • added check current asterisk version
  • fixed bug of import diallist
  • added memo in diallist
  • improved use post methed to popup external crm page
  • added my tickets
  • fixed bug of deleted in dnc list
  • improved
  • improved
  • added billsec_leg_a ang queue number in cdr
  • added statistic in dialedlist page
  • merged the cdr and monitorrecord page
  • added loigin/logoff as dynamic agent to queue(the queue in campaign)
  • improved import page
  • improved astercrm.agi
  • added the memory table dialedlist
  • improved the predictivedialer daemon
  • improved the astercc daemon
  • added initTables(if we clear all temp data when restart astercc) in astercc.conf
  • added removeIncompleteCDR(change this to 1 if you dont want to keep cdr without dstchan) in
  • astercc.conf
  • improved queuestatus page
  • added check duplicates in diallist page

asterBilling 0.13:

  • fixed bug of update all reseller epayment information in profile page
  • added the parameter ‘callshop_pay_fee’ in asterbilling.conf and reseller profile to control if callshop pays the fee by paypal.
  • improved removePrefix in astercc.conf, supports like “removePrefix = 00,011”


  • Mukta Chourishi says:

    i need help with astercc.
    I directly want to display sysytemstatus page without login.

    • admin says:

      remove the

      if ($_SESSION[‘curuser’][‘extension’] == ” or ($_SESSION[‘curuser’][‘usertype’] != ‘admin’ and $_SESSION[‘curuser’][‘usertype’] != ‘groupadmin’ && !is_array($_SESSION[‘curuser’][‘privileges’][‘systemstatus’])))
      header(“Location: portal.php”);

      in systemstatus.common.php

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