asterCC-1.0-beta-rc1 released (commercial version)

By August 16, 2010Latest News
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      astercc1.0 is a contact center system, while providing a powerful CRM (customer relationship management) functions, including features we often use like inbound / outbound missile screen, call recording, interactive voice menu (IVR), call queues and so on. Basicly by using astercc, you can record every customer call, the time when the customer calls appear on the screen of the customer contact information and historical contact records, or the design of an interactive voice menu (IVR) to provide self-service inquiries. In addition, the use of reporting tools, so you can quickly call from thousands of the critical information. Finally, astercc also offers a variety of practical tools, such as the task of setting and reminders by telephone, SMS and EMAIL of enterprise information, check the map or use the google map paths.

      If you already have your own business system, you can come in its perfect integration1), for example, a customer calls you want your system to show customers information, used astercc the secondary development interface, you can quickly complete the work.

      For ISP, astercc is the best choice to carry out new business, whether functional or telephone call center switching (PBX), astercc support SAAS mode, simply building a system, we can provide services to multiple customers .


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