asterCC and asterCC-BOX released 0.14-beta



asterCRM 0.062:

* added export in cdr page

* added parameters(uniqueid/calldate) when ust extenal crm

* not display diallist function when login as dynamic agent

* added update groupid and accountid to mycdr(parameter “update_groupid” in astercc.conf)

* improved processmonitors

* improved export funciton, supoorts to export xls and cvs format

* improved report page

* astercc daemon support astersik 1.6.x

* added script astercrm_update_cdr(update customer id to mycdr)

* added astercrm.agi(update call result to dialedlist and Answering Machine Detect when using predictive dialer)

* fixed worktime bug when use predictive dialer

asterBilling 0.12:

* improved profile page of resller and groupadmin(could view the own balance)

* fixed the currency bug of recharge by paypal

* added display callshop Balance in systemstatus

* improve clid page (could control the clid if display in systemstatus as a booth)

* improved systemstatus(could be open manager page in current page)

* added set free call function in receipt page

* improved receipt to close page when paid

* improved cdr page to set special color for unbilled or free call

* improved report(display memo and note)

* added could set a special turnk for each resller dialout

* astercc daemon support astersik 1.6.x

* improved reselleroutbound.agi, support spare trunk

* added account_log page(records the account login logs)

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