asterCC v0.13 beta released

By September 17, 2009Latest News

asterCRM 0.06:

* improved survey export feature
* add a switch to control if need close all popup window after a survey
* improved dialer
* added table campaignresult
* added survye <-> campaign connection
* popup survey directly when only one survey enabled
* added surveyresult.agi, can be used to update survey when use AMD
* added new parameters which is used to control cdr data (in table mycdr)
* allow add customer name or add customer connection when import diallist, also added diallist popup
* monitor features was moved to daemon astercc
* add queuestatus page, to display realtime queue status
* fixed the bug that sort only work in the first page

asterBilling 0.1:

* fixed the billing bug when num length and prefix confilict

queue status:

queue status

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