Everything you need to know about predictive dialer services

By July 21, 2018Blogs

A hosted predictive dialer services offer the client with a great performance and efficient automated predictive dialer services for telemarketing. The dialer is made available and supported by the predictive dialer providers and then access is delivered to the client ready to be utilized online generally immediately but can also take longer time depending upon a company. In fact, predictive dialer features also increase the productivity and efficiency of the call center or individual agent. The modern predictive dialer feature has the ability to increase the efficiency by 300 percent. This result in a lot of savings for any firm or call center. Due to increased agent talk time, there is great increase in sales and leads. That is why predictive dialer services are gaining popularity.

One of the best predictive dialer features is that it has ability to make your call center agents which means your agents can be a part of the call center even when they are not present at the facility. Hosted predictive dialer services enable employees to work remotely.

Hosted predictive dialers services are also called as web based predictive dialers. Just like a regular predictive dialer services, the web solution dials a list of predefined numbers in such a planned way that it abolishes those calls that are no answer, answering machine busy tone, fax, and those numbers that are listed on the clients “do not call” list. This predictive dialer service is a perfect and cost effective solution for call centers that can professionally develop their sales and marketing activities.

The following are some of the major advantages of Predictive Dialer Services:

Predictive dialer services allows the call center to improve productivity and sales as the software reduces the time that agent spend on dialing number and waiting for the calls to be answered. This latest technology also makes sure that representative spend their time in effective way. In case, the representative is on call, the predictive dialer service will place call on hold until the agent is available.

This predictive dialer features also proves as time saving. The DNC features will take any numbers on the clients “do not call” list, at the same time organizing very important information like callbacks, leads and sales. Predictive dialer system also allows better control of the representatives in a call center because the applications allow call center management listening agents at any time. It is also possible to see the number of calls that representatives have completed in real time and the total break time that each agent has taken in a particular working period.

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