How to Integrate Your Own Web Popup with Astercrm/Asterisk

By February 17, 2012asterCRM

You can easily integrate your own web program with astercrm. The simplest application is to pop up your own web page in the device ring group system.

  • Log in as the administrator. Get in [Manager]->[Preference], and find [External CRM]. Here are some parameters: “enable_external_crm” is 1, means to enable the external crm. “Open_new_window” stands for where to open the new popup window, and there are 3 options: “internal” means open it in the frame embedded within the astercrm portal page; “external” means it is going to pop up a whole new window; “both” means the page will display in the frame and meanwhile a new page will pop up too. “External_crm_default_url” means when you enable the external CRM the page opened by default. “External_crm_url” means the external CRM page to pop up, and the parameters are being transferred through the “post” way, including caller id, calee id, method, unique id, call date, did number. Complete it and save it.
  • There is only one line of php code in external.php, <?print_r ($_POST);?>, for printing out all the post parameters received in the page.

  • Having logged in as an agent, the popup is like this when the device rings before you enable the external CRM:

  • After the enabling the popup, the agent portal changes into the following figure. The frame in the bottom shows the external_crm_default_url address you have configured.

  • When the phone rings, it appears like this:

  • This is for you to embed B/S web program. Astercrm only offers basic ringing. If you would like to develop further business related to telephone, you may need asterCC commercial.