building a virtual office using astercrm ,freepbx and asterisk

By March 19, 2009asterCRM

In a virtual office, you will have few receiption but they can answer calls for hundred company, in such case, they should know which number customer dialed so that they dont mess up the calls, now we introduce u how to build a virtual call center using astercrm & asterisk.

1. add extension for receiption

open your browser and go to freepbx, click extension on left menu and add extensions for your receiption, here we have three extensions: 8000, 8001 and 8888


2.  add a queue for your receiptions which would be used to answer incoming calls, we only add 8000 and 8001 in this queue


and u can set some options for this reciption queue


3. add a trunk which could be used for incoming calls


and the most important, set registry for this trunk so that u can get calls in


4. add a inbound route so that the receiption queue could answer your incoming calls


now make a call to your DID number, if everything is allright, phones of receiption should ring

5. go to astercrm and add account for your receiptions


6. add trunkinfo so your receiption could get some information about the number customer dialed


here Trunk Channel should be the username of your trunk, not trunk name in freepbx

7. login as a receiption accound and try make a call


when ringing


when talking

this tutorial could be used on trixbox, elastix or any other system using freepbx, also u can config receiption account and dialplan by your self.


  • Phylevn says:

    Excelente tutorial.. al parecer AsterCRM es una excelente alternativa como CRM con Asterisk.. gracias..!

  • Josh says:

    i have followed the above listed steps with an odd result. when i try and dial out of the agent account it calls the extention i set up for the agent. i have out the agent in a calling queue and set an inbound rout. with that being said i am unable to recive a call. are their more detaild instructions i can get

    • admin says:

      1. when u do click to dial, by default it will first call your agent extension, but u can change this in astercrm.conf.php
      2. when the agent in queue cant receive calls, did u check if the queue receive the call?

  • josh says:

    The que does get the call. i have put the ext into the stactic section of the queue. so it should ne require me to log in to it, and if i plug the ext into a softphone app it works just fine.

  • josh says:

    As well i still can not call out i can see the call trying to but agin it just rings the ext. how do i config it to dial out i dont see much benifit to dialing my own extention.

  • admin says:

    so you mean ur queue get the call but doest transfer to your phone? you said softphone works, so what phone doest? astercrm dont provide softphone, so you need use extra softphone or ip phone/ATA.
    i dton get you, when it dial out, it will ring both leg, if dont ring your extension, how the call orginate?

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