Survey features in asterCRM for outbound call center usage

By December 13, 2008asterCRM

In asterCRM, it provides a survey features, so you can set survey for your customers, here will give you a simple introducation for this:

first you need to add a survey, login as admin/group admin go manager interface and click survey icon, click “Add” button for a new survey, you can add several options for one survey, and each survey it provides three kinds: radio, checkbox and text



Click the “item” link next to the option to enter items for this option


keep putting options and items until u finish this survey.

Then you can  put a survey from the agent page



*when there’s a customer or contact in your record form, if u click the “Add” link of a survey, the result will be linked with the customer

Click the “Detail” link of a survey, u can get a statistic of this survey


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