How to restore astercc from backup

By November 17, 2010asterBilling, asterCRM

If you bakcups the astercc database, code dirctoys and asterisk etc by, you would get backup files as following:

./dir_backup ./dir_backup/localsave ./dir_backup/localsave/asterisk.2010-11-18-06.tar.gz ./dir_backup/localsave/astercc.2010-11-18-06.tar.gz ./ ./db_backup ./db_backup/localsave ./db_backup/localsave/astercc.2010-11-18-06.tar.gz ./db_backup/dbbk.log

All directory backup file is in dir_backup/localsave, such as above , the “./dir_backup/localsave/asterisk.2010-11-18-06.tar.gz” is backuped for asterisk etc and the “./dir_backup/localsave/astercc.2010-11-18-06.tar.gz” is backuped for astercc code. if you want restore directory, just untar .tar.gz file and move them to corresponding position. All database bakcup file is in db_backup/localsave, the “./db_backup/localsave/astercc.2010-11-18-06.tar.gz” is backup for database named astercc, if you untar the file,you would get a sql file such as astercc.2010-11-18-06.sql If you want restore database astercc, just run: mysql -uyourdbuser -pyourdbpassword astercc < astercc.2010-11-18-06.sql that’s all

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