how to upgrade astercc

  • upgrade database unzip the package u could see folder “sql” where we put all database files, in asterCC 0.X it would looks like: astercc0.1b-0.1.sql astercc0.1-0.11.sql astercc0.11-0.12b.sql astercc0.12b.-0.12sql astercc0.13-0.14b.sql astercc….0.X.sql astercc.sql say you are using 0.1b now, so you have to execute astercc0.1b-0.1.sql, astercc0.1-0.11.sql, astercc0.11-0.12b.sql, astercc0.12b.-0.12sql until astercc…0.X.sql, then u get database of v0.X the command line for this is like mysql -uroot -p astercc < astercc….0.X.sql
  • stop astercc daemons /opt/asterisk/scripts/astercc/asterccd stop
  • cp the new html & daemon files, please notice that you may want to backup astercrm.conf.php, astercc.conf and asterbilling.conf.php first example: cp astercrm /var/www/html -rf cp asterbilling /var/www/html -rf cp scripts/* /opt/asterisk/scripts/astercc * from astercc-0.21, the package includes both 32bit and 64bit scrips, you will copy the scripts out of 32/ or 64/ to your daemon folder (usually /opt/asterisk/scripts/astercc)
  • config conf files check your astercc.conf, asterbilling.conf.php, astercrm.conf.php, make sure you have the correct config
  • start astercc daemons /opt/asterisk/scripts/astercc/asterccd start
  • check crontab we provides some cron script to deal with recording files and CDRs, so open README, make sure you have the scripts configed in your crontab
  • login web and check if any errors


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