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By November 16, 2008asterBilling, asterCRM

You can import your data via web page in asterCC, in asterCRM, you can import customers, contacts and diallist, in asterBilling, you can import customerrate, grouprate and resellerrate, when import in asterCC, it will require you define how to map your data in excel/csv file to fileds in database.

say you have a rate table what to import as rate for callshop, filename is callshoprate.csv, the content is like

93,0,Afghanistan,0,1,14.5,60,1,2,15.03.08 18:22
9370,0,Afghanistan - Cellular,0,1,11,60,1,2,15.03.08 18:22
9379,0,Afghanistan - Cellular,0,1,11,60,1,2,15.03.08 18:22
35538,0,Albania - Cellular,0,1,10.5638,60,1,2,15.03.08 18:22

1. select your data file, asterCC support excel or csv format OR you can select a exsited file in your “upload” folderand then click “Upload”

then select callshoprate from the drop down menu on left

If this rate is for specific reseller/group, we can selec the reseller and group at the buttom, but here we leave is as “All”, means all groups in all reseller will use this rate by default

click “Import” to import the data, then u might get a Success prompt and see such page

if you only get 0 records from the message, go back and check if anything is wrong.

In astercrm, there’re some more options

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