how to update asterCC license for your asterisk

By November 10, 2008asterBilling, asterCRM

By default, astercc providers you 5 free simultaneous channels license, you can purchase more if need.

First, edit /opt/asterisk/scripts/astercc/astercc.conf which is in same folder with astercc daemons, go to section [licence], you can find three parameters there

licenceto =
key =     (no this parameter in current version now)
channel = 5

change “channel” to the number of simultaneous channels you need, and “licence to” to the name of your organization, so now it looks like

licenceto = my organization
key =
channel = 50

save and exit,  then execute astercc script, you should get things like

[dev01 astercc]# /opt/asterisk/scripts/astercc/astercc
Invalid key, please contact the administrator
identity = b0a5ebca13556ca9ca91813dd88dfgd9

now send this identitykey and all content in licence section (licenceto and channel) to astercc, we’ll send you back the licence key, then update your astercc.conf with the licence key, restart astercc & asterrc daemons. If no error message output, your astercc support more simultaneous channels now.

for the latest version, we start to use a license file named ‘license.astercc'(64 bits), so after u get the license file, upload it to the same folder with your astercc daemons, usually it’s in


then restart astercc daemons

/opt/asterisk/scripts/astercc/asterccd stop

/opt/asterisk/scripts/astercc/asterccd start

if everything is fine, it should give no errors, then the channels now in astercc is the value you put after channel =  in /opt/asterisk/scripts/astercc/astercc.conf

and use this command you can check if the license will expire some day

/opt/asterisk/scripts/astercc/astercc -h

0000-00-00 means never expire

and astercrm and asterbilling will share same license file, which means when you get the license, you can either use it for astercrm or asterbilling or both.

good luck!


  • ic3m0nst3r says:

    how do you avail these licenses?

  • admin says:

    need pay for extra license
    start from 30 channels, send mail to for quotation

  • Antoine says:

    Hi Solo,

    I just learned that asterCC is Licensed.
    While this product I am interested to start my small business.

    Can you tell me which version is Licensed and how
    much each additional channel?

    Thank you in advance
    Antoine Koffi

  • Renzo says:

    please can you Tell me how much is each additional License ?
    Thank you

  • Bane says:

    Can you please tell me how much would a licence for 30 channels cost, how long would I wait for the licence and how should I make the payment?

  • Charles says:

    Please provide pricing.

  • Bitter says:


    I need pricing for a 20 channels licence.


  • Deepak says:

    We are looking to setup asterisk and asterCRM in an call center environment. We are looking to have approx 200 agents, with 50 agents over 4 different servers. We also have intentions to grow the number of agents. I have a few questions about licensing:

    1) if we get the unlimited license, can we deploy the same license over different machines?

    2) if we purchase license for 200 channels, can we use that to support the 50 agents over the 4 servers?

    3) we are setting up multiple servers for better performance and also for handling failover. can you recommend the best way to license this type of environment and also what happens if the machine crashes and has to be rebuilt? do we have to repurchase the license for that machine?


  • shamiur says:

    I want to buy 30 channels.Please let me know the price.

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