How to set asterBilling working with Freepbx, Trixbox, Elastix …

By November 12, 2008asterBilling

asterBilling is a realtime billing solution for asterisk, could be used as a hosted callshop or just a simple billing system for your asterisk pbx. Many people are using freepbx based system as their pbx, like trixbox, elastix … so here i’ll introduce you how to use asterBilling to bill your asterisk pbx.

the first thing is, you must have freepbx installed and have a user their, say you want to bill these two users: solo <8000> and donnie <8001>

next go to asterBilling manager login (like http://asterccserver/asterbilling/manager_login.php) and login as “admin”

Although we only want to bill our pbx,  still have to add a reseller first, go to “reseller” and click “Add” button, pur some message in the form and click “continue”

i left “Credit Lmit” to be null and “Limit Type” to “No limt” coz i just want to know how much each phone dialed each month.

then go to “Account Group” and add a group there

next go to “Clid” and add your phones, write down the “Pin” of the phone.

ok, now you have added the phones you want to bill in asterBilling, we need to add rate next, we have reseller rate, group rate and customer rate, I want to know the phone cost of each phone, so i only set customer rate

go to “Rate to Customer” and add a rate

this 0049 rate mean all calls begin with 0049 will be charged as such rate, 0.2 for the first 180 seconds and 0.2 each minutes after the first 180 seconds, it’d be charged every 60 seconds.

We have a rate which prefix is “default”, so this means if no prefix matched, the call will use this rate, we can use this for internal calls.

Also you may noticed that we didnt select Reseller and Group, this means all Reseller and Group will use this rate.

After all rates are added, your configuration job is done, before you leave asterBilling, make sure astercc daemons is working or else just start them by “asterccd start”

When a phone user want to check his CDR and how much he have dialed, he can login asterBilling via phone login page, like http://asterccserver/asterbilling/login.php, login use phone number and pin

then you can see your CDR history and how much each call cost:


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