asterbilling hosted callshop solution for asterisk

By November 19, 2008asterBilling

asterBilling is a realtime billing software for asterisk. Through asterBilling, it’s very easy to build a hosted callshop solution for asterisk. benefits of asterBilling hosted callshop solution:

  • reseller, callshop, customer three level billing
  • all web based
  • high performance
  • all asterisk system compatible

here, i’ll introduce u how to build a hosted callshop solution using asterisk and asterbilling. 1. step1, install asterisk 2. step2, set trunk and dialplan in asterisk edit /etc/asterisk/sip.conf and add your trunk there then set dialplan, go to /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf and add a context there 3. step3, install asterBilling 4. step4, check asterbilling.conf.php We need to modify asterbilling config file to meet our system, so check the “asterbilling.conf.php” in asterbilling folder, find section “sipbuddy” change context to be “context = from-booth”, so the sip peer generated by asterbilling will use context “from-booth” for outbound calls. * if you are using freepbx, you can use “context=from-internal” here, then it you can set outbound in your freepbx and all booth will use that. By default, asterbilling will generate all sip peers to the file “/etc/asterisk/sip_astercc”, you can change to other name if you want, or leave it blank if u dont want asterbilling generate the sip peers also we need to include the conf file in sip.conf so that asterisk could load peers asterbilling generated modify /etc/asterisk/sip.conf and add #include sip_astercc.conf 5. step5, set resellers and groups 6. step6, add clid as reseller reseller 7. step7, set rates asterbilling provides three level billing: rate to reseller: the rate you sell to resellers rate to callshop: the rate resellers sell to callshops rate to customer: the rate callshops sell to customers 8. step8, login as groupadmin/operate check callshop interface callshop 9. step9, check reports


  • Jorge says:

    Hi, I’ve pressed the clear button on the call shop interface and all the reports have been deleted which is supposed to happen. the problem is that now the call chop interface won’t show the rate for other calls I make. could somebody please tell me what would be the problem? thx.

  • admin says:

    is your astercc daemon still running? would it display the call in booth window when calling ? just no rate or no call at all? post on u will get help

  • Diego says:

    I’ve installed AsterBilling for a CallShop.. I have one main extension, when I to dial to a number from the main extension(100) and I want transfer the call to the another extension(101), AsterBilling end the billing of the first call(101-pstn number) and start a new monitor of extension 100 to 101.
    ¿ What can I don in this case ? I will hope that you can give a tip.. Regards.. 🙂

    • admin says:

      but when u finish a transfer, that’s two call so should have two record, why u transfer in a callshop app?

  • Phylevn says:

    Try to use the WebCall Function, in src put External Number and dst put Extension Number, when the external number answer your extension will ring then you can transfer the call and asterbilling keep the count of seconds without reset the count when you transfer the call.

  • abdel0304 says:

    I owning a callshop that uses a 8 FXS ports gateway (Linksys SPA8000).
    As i understand, I should configure my gateway to do calls using my asterisk computer as outgoing proxy.
    Then I ll have to configure Asterisk to redirect calls from the gateway to my SIP termination provider.
    Am i right ?
    In this case, is callshop billing possible ?

  • abdel0304 says:

    Why did you remove my messages ?
    If you don’t know what I mean then please let me know.

  • abdel0304 says:

    Hi @ all,
    Can the asterisk box (astercc) redirect the VOIP calls from any SIP FXS gateway to any VOIP termination service ?
    Because I m searching for a free callshop application that is “VOIP provider” independant.
    @admin: If you dont understand then please keep other users to let me a reply.

    • admin says:

      asterbilling cant fetch cdr from your gateway, but u can use a asterisk box to do billing and call forwarding

  • oscar says:

    We would like to use the call shop solution.

    Where do ge get the application?

    Best Regards

  • max says:

    Hi admin
    can asterbilling work with betamax? and how to adapt it with callshops and resellers.
    am amator and am ready to pay for you to fix it for me

    • admin says:

      it could work as long as it’s asterisk, i think betamax is ITSP who provides you asterisk trunk?

  • max says:

    Hi admin
    is it possible for you to make setup for me?
    please just tell me how much it will cost me.

  • mohamed says:

    Hi Admin.

    I want to know if I can do this….I have Asterisk running and all extensions can make outbound calls using a sip trunk that’s registered on freepbx. the extensions are in 5 different call-booths, I wan to see the cost, minutes and dailed numbers for those calls made by my customers. Please advice me if this is doable.


  • MOHAMED ADEN says:

    Thank for the quick reply…will I need dedicated server or I can use my Elastix server which already serves extensions and call?…how do I integrate?

    • admin says:

      what’s your asterisk version? asterbilling could work with 1.4,1.6 and 1.8 but we didn’t test higher version, you don’t need a dedicated server, you can install on the same server.

  • Roland says:

    Hello, I’m happy to finally reach a website related to astercc. I would be pleased if you can create me a reseller account. Can I count on you please?

  • Mark says:

    I have install call shop and work all the calls. But the problem is
    after make the call price is showing 0.00

    Please let me know why this

    Thank you

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