asterbilling and asterisk2billing (a2billing) for asterisk billing

By November 20, 2008asterBilling

a2billing is a widly used billing system, so what’s the difference between a2billing and asterbilling?

system theory:

a2billing work with asterisk through AGI, each call would be handled by a2billing.agi, so you need change your astierks context so that when your phone make calls it will go to a2billing.agi, of course you need to copy a2billing scripts to your asterisk server.

asterbilling runs as linux daemons, connect to asterisk via AMI over tcp,  no need change anything on your asterisk, asterbilling can bill it. Even asterbilling could work with a2billing.

license & free:

a2billing: 100% open source and free to use.

asterbilling: only web scripts are open source, and provides 5 free simultaneous channels, have to purchase when need more channels.


a2billing: like 100 simultaneous calls on single server? i didnt test, 🙁

asterbilling: passed 240 simultaneous calls testing, but didnt test more.

best usage:

a2billing: calling card, callback or wholesale solutions

asterbilling: billing for embedded astiersk, pbx (like all freepbx based system), callshop, hosted callshop soltution

other keywords:

a2billing: openser

asterbilling: realtime billing, reseller

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