add language package for asterCRM & asterBilling

For now asterCRM provides user two languages, English and Simplified Chinese, if you want to add a new language, follow this article you can make it yourself.

say you want to add German to astercrm, first go to astercrm/login.php and find the following lines:

<OPTION value=”en_US”>English</OPTION>
<OPTION value=”cn_ZH”>简体中文</OPTION>

we use de_GER for German so we add line then it looks like

<OPTION value=”en_US”>English</OPTION>
<OPTION value=”cn_ZH”>简体中文</OPTION>
<OPTION value=”de_GER”>Germany</OPTION>

save the file, then when you enter astercrm login page, you can see

select Germany and login, and we go to next to change words.

asterCRM language files locate in astercrm/include/language, where you can see files like


so cn_ZH means Simplified Chinese, for Germany one, you can copy account_cn_ZH.php as account_de_GER.php, copy portal_cn_ZH.php as portal_de_GER.php

dont copy from en_US file coz for some words we have English as default in pages, so it could be not integral in the language file, en_US files could be used as reference.

then open the copied file account_de_GER.php with some text editor, and start translate, so it looks like

$add_account = “Ein neues Benutzerkonto wurde hinzugefügt”;
$update_rec = “Eintrag wurde aktualisiert”;


save the file with format UTF-8 when you finish.

translate one by one …, not much but need some patient untill all finish.

The last thing, change all images, go to astercrm/skin/default, you can see folders like “images_cn”, “images_en”.. copy images_en as images_de then modify all images in the folder.

refresh your browser then you can see asterCRM with your translation!


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